Religious Education in the Framework for Junior Cycle

The Framework for Junior Cycle (Department of Education and Skills, 2015) sets out a clear vision of how teaching and learning will evolve over the next number of years in first to third year of post-primary education in Ireland. The proposed changes being rolled out will have a very significant impact on how all subjects, including Religious Education, are planned for, taught and assessed. The short booklet accompanying this post outlines the approach to be taken to RE in Catholic post-primary schools and provides a clear rationale for this approach.   This document is the result of extensive engagement and consultation with Religion Teachers, Principals, Diocesan Advisors, representatives from a variety of School Patron/Trustee Groups, and those working in Religious Education in Teacher Training Contexts.

Hard copies of the attached document will be circulated to schools.  Additional hard copies can be ordered from Veritas or through the Council for Catechetics.
RE in Framework for Junior Cycle for web

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