Procedure for the Approval of Catechetical Material

The Council for Catechetics of the Irish Episcopal Conference is conscious of the on-going need for high quality catechetical materials in Catholic schools and parish contexts. These materials ought to be both appropriate for their context and correct in matters of faith and doctrine. The Council for Catechetics is therefore pleased to announcement of the establishment of an Episcopal review body that will (i) evaluate catechetical materials intended for use at national level from an educational, catechetical, liturgical, theological and scriptural standpoint and (ii) provide a report on the suitability of such materials for use in Catholic Schools and parishes. This suggestion does not bypass the role of the local ordinary as the chief catechist in his Diocese but accepts that in the case of resources to be use at national level, approval comes from the Irish Episcopal Conference.Procedure for the Approval of Catechetical Materials in Catholic Education PROCESS ONLY