NCCA Consultation on Structure and Time in Primary Curriculum

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) has recently launched a consultation process on structure and time in the Primary Curriculum.  The NCCA reports that  the 1999 Primary curriculum has provided a strong foundation for teaching and learning since it was published.”  However, they contend that since then, research, reviews and evaluations have highlighted many strengths of the curriculum as well as challenges. It was a curriculum of its time. They suggest that “these are changing and different times”.
The NCCA project team for this consutlation have published a series of documents  to assist you in engaging with this consultation.  See

The Council for Catechetics, the Council for Education and the Catholic Primary Schools’ Management Association with the assistance of the Catholic Schools Partnerhsip will also provide some support to Catholic schools, parents, teachers and others to engage with this process. Further information to follow. 

The NCCA consultation will take place from January to April 2017 with a major consultative conference on March 28th.